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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Baptism of Fire Witcher #3

Baptism of Fire (Witcher #3)

Baptism of Fire is the third installment of the main story of the Witcher. Unfortunately, the story starts out pretty slow. Geralt doesn’t really fight any monsters but he does team up with an interesting crew. The best part is the traveling troupe, a motley

The Time of Contempt (The Witcher #2)

The Time of Contempt is the second book in the main series of The Witcher. It centers around a meeting of the main sorcerers, a much ballyhooed event. Geralt, the Witcher, attends as the sorceress Yennefer’s guest. What is supposed to be a boring play

The Books of Babel by Josiah Bancroft

The Books of Babel by Josiah Bancroft is a series of four steampunk-sci-fi-fantasy novels that center around Thomas Senlin and the mysterious Tower of Babel. Thomas is a middle-aged schoolteacher from a rather nondescript fishing village. He is visiting the infamous “Tower” as a newlywed