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About Callaway Coffee

Callaway Coffee is a coffee and book review site. My goal is to find great coffee roasters across the United States. Alongside this quest, this site features book reviews on a wide range of topics, covering several genres.

My favorite subjects include history, often through biographies, along with fantasy and some science fiction. I also love classics and am working on a list of 100 books that should be read before college.

This site also hosts topics on marketing with a focus on the cloud software company NetSuite by Oracle.

My beautiful female German Shepherd Dog, Riley O’Malley

About Eddie Callaway

As a marketer with over 16 years of experience, I have done a lot of different roles wearing many different hats. My current role is Director of Marketing at Cargo Equipment Corporation.

My current focus is on Oracle’s NetSuite. From 2017 on, I have been the lead in implementing most of the product management, customer management, and SuiteCommerce Advanced. I created production schedules, assembly matrices, sales reports, and much more. I have developed workflows and saved searches as well as complicated imports.

If you are in need of NetSuite implementation help or consulting, contact me today. I am available for limited freelance hours outside of my regular job.

Beyond NetSuite expertise, my marketing skill set includes:

Web Design – HTML and CSS focused on user experience and minimal designs. Platform with most experience: WordPress.

I have completely redesigned two large corporate websites, including a recent upgrade from a Volusion-based site to a NetSuite Suite Commerce Advanced eCommerce website. I’ve also done a lot of other small sites, mostly using WordPress.

Note: the NetSuite site was quoted at over $100,000 from a third party. Instead, I did the entire redesign in-house while still running the current website and continuing all marketing operations.

eCommerce – I have many years of experience with WooCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, and SuiteCommerce Advanced.

Adobe Creative Suite – I have been using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator for many years. I have some experience with editing simple videos using Premiere Pro and After Effects.

I love photography and have being doing product photography for over 15 years. This includes processing and outlining photos for many uses besides eCommerce such as social media posts and advertisements.

Google Ads – With over a dozen years of Google Ads usage, I have created hundreds of ad campaigns with thousands of keywords. This includes broad-ranged campaigns all the way to granular adverts based on user location and demographics.

SEO/SEM – Along with paid search, I’ve worked on many SEO campaigns, creating content from scratch to drive traffic. I also modify web pages, including product pages, to use best practices for SEM results.

Print – I’ve created dozens of brochures and catalogs. Mostly I use InDesign for this but before switching fully to Adobe products, used Quark Express.

E-mail Marketing – Most of my experience with E-mail marketing is using Constant Contact and MailChimp. However, I’ve also used raw HTM/CSS to send campaigns through NetSuite.

Social Media Marketing – I’ve had success using Facebook and Instagram mostly. Twitter is mostly garbage for the manufacturing marketing I’ve done.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the software and marketing skills I have. I’ve used Excel and Word since high school. I taught myself HTML and CSS and can usually figure out simple JavaScript, PHP, or other coding issues, so long as it isn’t full hard coding.

Any of my skills are available for freelance hire. If you need a WordPress website created or redesigned, photography projects, or anything else on this list, contact me. My rates are reasonable and often far less than any freelance marketer you’ll find.

The rates are negotiable depending on number of hours and details of the project.