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Bison Union Coffee Company Review

Bison Union Company sells coffee and western apparel (mostly T-shirts and hats) with a focus on Americana and the hard-working Americans that ranch and farm as well as folk who love the outdoors and America. Bison Union roasts their own coffee in Sheridan, Wyoming and are partnered to another great America-focused coffee company, Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Bison Union Coffee

Bison Union Company’s coffee is available in several blends in whole bean or ground along with individual K-cup style “rounds”. The four varieties as of this review include:

  1. Bear Fight
  2. Black Buffalo
  3. Smokehammer
  4. Ranch Hand

Having tried all four varieties I’d have to say that Bear Fight and Black Buffalo rank the highest. Both are rich in flavor and bold tasting. These are best drunk black, as all coffee should be.

Smokehammer reminds me of camping. It’s rather bitter and strong but in a good way. It has high caffeine with Arabica and Robusta beans. Ranch Hand is a dark blend with less caffeine and a smooth taste. Plus, $1 from every bag sold goes to the Working Ranch Cowboys Association & Foundation.

Bison Union Coffee Company has opened a cafe in Sheridan, Wyoming and has quickly become a top spot for great coffee and conversation. The company has rapidly grown in the last year or two and will continue to grow in scope and reach. I’m excited to see where they will be headed in the next few years.

Modern Frontier Apparel - T-Shirts, Hats & More

Bison Union apparel is a western design that I like to call modern frontier. It is a look that focuses on animals found in the western U.S. and is unapologetically American. T-shirts feature icons like Theodore Roosevelt and of course America’s national animal, the American Bison. Many of the shirts have limited stock and new releases sell out quickly. This is the only drawback to Bison Union. Many lovely designs are featured on their website yet unavailable. Besides shirts there are several options of sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, and more.

My favorite shirt and style is unequivocally the Thunder Buffalo.

Bison Union hats have the same vibe as the shirts with a large, almost overwhelming array of options. These too have limited availability, but with so many options you are sure to find a style to your liking. I own five hats already, each with a different style. These hats feature noble animals: bison, horse, eagle, etc. on American flag patches. There are extremely limited varieties that have hand-made leather patches which are by far my favorite.

Coffee Mugs, Patches and More

If you love mugs, Bison Union sells hand-made coffee mugs that are in limited supply and sell out fast. These large mugs are hand-crafted by Bootleggers Pottery which recently rebranded and relocated to Sheridan, Wyoming. They are expensive and worth every cent. Bison Union also has many patches, stickers, and more with their famous bison flag as well as others.

Why Choose Bison Union Coffee?

We love to support companies that support Americans. Bison Union Coffee Company promotes and encourages those that make our food: ranchers and farmers. They also support those that defend our country and protect our citizens. The founders are veterans. They believe in freedom and the greatness of America.

To sum up, Bison Union Company coffee and apparel helps support and promote great American ideals with beautiful imagery and great-tasting coffee. Try them out and you will not be disappointed.