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Black Rifle Coffee Company Review

Black Rifle Coffee Company is an army-veteran owned coffee roaster that creates strong, great tasting coffee while supporting American Veterans.

With a ton of hard work and great marketing, Black Rifle Coffee has grown rapidly. They are led by a team of great men and women, including founders Evan Hafer and Mat Best. Black Rifle never hides their patriotism nor their fondness for blowing stuff up.

But no matter how cool this company is, it wouldn’t be where it is without some great coffee to back it up.

With light, medium, dark, and extra dark roasts, you have over a dozen varieties to choose from. The three varieties I have tried so far are Beyond Black, Freedom Roast, and an organic whole bean variety with tasting notes of “dark chocolate and hints of citrus”. Beyond Black is a dark roast that is definitely for serious coffee drinkers. For those that want it really dark, Murdered Out is extra dark with beans from the “deepest, darkest corners of Colombia”.

New Flavors

For caffeine fiends, CAF Coffee Roast is extra loaded espresso to fuel your caffeine needs. With so many varieties, you really can’t go wrong. From Freedom Fuel to Blackbeard’s Delight, they’ve also recently added two new flavors: French Vanilla and Hazelnut. I haven’t tried these but from their website reviews, they seem like they nailed it!


Beyond the great coffee, Black Rifle has a lot of cool swag to choose from: T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more.

I proudly support Black Rifle Coffee Company because of their mission to support Veterans, promote freedom, and provide great coffee. Look for this company to continue to grow rapidly and show the world how great Americans can make great brands and coffee.

Note: Black Rifle is partnered with Bison Union Coffee Company, another of my favorite brands.