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Bones Coffee Flavors Ranked and Reviewed

I’ve been drinking Bones Coffee for about four years now. After trying over twenty flavors, here are my favorite Bones Coffee flavors ranked and reviewed.

Bones Coffee Flavors - some of the best including Irish cream, Highland Grog, and Salty Siren
A variety of Bones Coffee Flavors

With so many flavors to choose from, it might be hard to decide. Thankfully, Bones Coffee offers sample packs where you choose five flavors for $29.99. Each sample is 4 oz. of coffee, ground or whole bean.

You end up paying about twenty-five cents more per ounce this way, but it is worth it to find the flavors that you love most!

Note: some of these flavors are seasonal or are no longer available. And of course, your tastes may vary!

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UPDATE: I was able to try one of the single-origin flavors, Columbia, and it is amazing. I would recommend adding a bag of this with your order!

My Top Five Bones Coffee Flavors

Salty Siren – tried in 2020 this one hit it out of the ocean. It blends caramel and chocolate with sea salt which happens to be my favorite combo when it comes to sweets.

French Vanilla – basic but excellent. French vanilla is one I’ll keep coming back to as a sure thing. Nailed it!

Mint Invaders – mixes mint and chocolate which is a favorite ice cream combo. It works great as a coffee as well.

White Russian the Big Lebowski Bones Coffee
White Russian by Bones Coffee

White Russian – probably the best package design, the White Russian tastes really good. Not sure how it compares to the cocktail, but it makes the top five as a coffee flavor.

Highland Grog – Interesting mix of butterscotch and caramel with a spiced rum flavor. This one is also one of my sister’s favorites.

The Next Tier of Flavors

Irish Cream Liqueur – Oddly enough, this was one of my favorites earlier in 2020 and upon reordering it, I found it to be mediocre. Maybe if I add a splash of Jameson it can level up again.

S’Morey Time – this one did remind me of camping although it didn’t quite come up to tasting like a s’more. However, that is OK because it was smoky and smooth and flavorful.

Jamaican Me Crazy – vanilla, caramel, coffee liqueur flavor? A pretty good mix that almost makes you feel like you’re on a beach. Almost.

Chocolate Raspberry – a mix of raspberry and chocolate is a fine one indeed. While this tasted good it wasn’t great but could be worthy of a second chance.

Salted Caramel – Closely related to the Salty Siren, this one is pretty good. It blends the caramel and salt flavor nicely.

My Least Favorite Flavors

Electric Unicorn – this came as a mystery flavor and was revealed to be a fruity cereal (think fruity pebbles). The company says it has updated the flavor but when I tried it I thought it was borderline gross.

Maple Bacon – this flavor was a disappointment because it had so much potential. It smells amazing but falls short of the mark. Best to eat real bacon and keep the coffee separate.

Bluesberry – I love blueberries but this one didn’t work for me. Much like Maple Bacon, the breakfast food tastes better separated than infused as one.

Recommended Five Pack Sampler

My top five sample pack for anyone new to Bones Coffee would be: Salty Siren, French Vanilla, Mint Invaders, White Russian and Highland Grog.

As a secondary option, for those wanting to really try a lot at once I’d do: Jamaican Me Crazy, Highland Grog, Chocolate Raspberry, S’Morey Time, and something new and interesting.

Bone’s Holiday Sample Pack

Bones Coffee Christmas Sample Pack

Although they are afraid to call it a Christmas Pack, that is what it is. This one includes: White Chocolate Peppermint Bark, Jingle Bones, Gingerbread Man, Eggnog, and Oh Fuuudge! I ordered this but am giving three of the flavors to family members.

Jingle Bones is a mix of coconut, caramel and vanilla. Coconut is not my favorite taste by any means. But this wasn’t overly nutty and the other flavors helped to balance it out. Thumbs up!

Jacked O Lantern flavor from Bones Coffee Company

It is likely that this won’t be sold much after Christmas, but some of the flavors may remain. For example, Jacked O Lantern, a pumpkin spice flavor is still available.

Use this coupon and save $5.00 on your order!