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Church of Cowards by Matt Walsh

Church of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call to Complacent Christians is written by culture commentator Matt Walsh. Walsh is largely known from his popular podcast/show on the conservative media website, The Daily Wire. But Matt’s writing and public speeches are what makes him even more interesting and enlightening.

Church of Cowards by Matt Walsh

Right out of the gates, Walsh posits a scenario where a group of heathens arrive looking for Christians to persecute. What they find is a disappointment. The land isn’t full of believers to run through with swords, but instead people that worship not God, but things, including the self.

This hypothetical horde of heathens is full of comedic allegory. There is no need to persecute because the people have essentially self-persecuted already.

Church of Cowards is damning towards Christians that find attending church boring, reading scripture too difficult, and resisting sin unnecessary. Christians believe that Jesus died for our sins. But it doesn’t give us license to sin freely.

Walsh cites numerous passages in scripture and doesn’t sugarcoat the danger of where we are headed. He also freely admits his imperfections, but shows that we do have hope in a broken world.

There are chapters on false virtues, “positivity”, and phony churches. Walsh covers in precise detail the faults of dismissing religion while still believing in Jesus. He also points out the importance of attending church and being fully present while there.

Loaded with Walshian wit and cynicism, Church of Cowards isn’t all doom and gloom. Yes, Hell and the devil are discussed in detail. Evil exists in this fallen world. But that is the why God’s grace is so important. We are able to go to heaven despite of ourselves. We are loved, sins and all.

We may never be worthy of persecution, but we can become less cowardly Christians.

Pair Church of Cowards with some Mystic Monk coffee.