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Corvus Coffee Roasters Review

Corvus Coffee Roasters is located in Denver, Colorado and roasts some delicious beans from around the globe. I tried two varieties, including a seasonal blend that tasted amazing!

The seasonal blend Butterfly Effect combines beans from Costa Rica and Kenya. The concept is that small changes, like drinking great coffee from responsible farms and farmers, makes much larger positive changes. The flavors were tropical but not overly fruity. The coffee went down smooth, smelled great, and had enough grapefruit/strawberry tones to make me wish I was relaxing on a beach.

The other variety I tried was from Brazil. Sitio Sao Vicente has a chocolate, caramel, and red grape mix. I found it to be rich and bitter in a good way.

I preferred the Butterfly Effect for all morning drinking, while Sitio Sao Vicente was great for jump-starting the day.

Corvus Coffee Roasters has a great focus on supporting farms and farmers. Their mission is to “work directly with coffee farmers to build a supply chain of better coffee for coffee enthusiasts” and they are doing a great job of doing this.