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Don’t Burn This Book by Dave Rubin

Don’t Burn This Book is written by the smart and entertaining Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report. Mr. Rubin spent most of his life as a classical liberal but has since parted ways with the Democrat left. This book is not a memoir but more a highlight reel of how bonkers the left has become.

More importantly, however, Don’t Burn This Book is a guide to others that are bewildered by the ongoing collapse of the Democrat party and culture in general.

Don't Burn This Book - Thinking For Yourself in an Age of Unreason by Dave Rubin

It is rather sad that a book like this needs to be written. But Dave runs through the biggest reasons you need to be “Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Unreason” (the subtitle of the book). For starters, it is unlikely you are racist nor privileged. You most certainly are not a Nazi.

Instead, if you are an American, you should be proud of the good that the United States has accomplished while still knowledgeable of the mistakes of history. Some of these mistakes are horrendous. However, this doesn’t mean we should throw away the whole thing and start anew.

Rubin helps teach the reader how to spot fake news and why you should never surrender to the mob. Instead, you should be a free thinker and be a believer in the freedoms that you are born with. The government’s job is to protect those freedoms. While this is a simple concept, politics of the last 100+ years have muddled the true role of our Republic.

Find a Mentor

Don’t Burn This Book is an easy read but full of wonderful insight. Perhaps the best part, especially for those already aware of modern political failures, is the chapter on finding a mentor. Dave spent many months touring with Jordan B. Peterson and learned a great deal from this famous author and psychologist.

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