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How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps by Ben Shapiro

How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps is conservative commentator and author Ben Shapiro’s latest book. Shapiro is extremely bright and his book mirrors the way he talks. It is fast paced, if a bit rushed and loaded with useful information.

How To Destroy America in Three Easy Steps by Ben Shapiro

With a provocative title, Shapiro knows how to attract attention. The fracturing of America has been growing over the decades and this book shows the three main ways that the fracture could be completed.

Step One: convince some people to sacrifice their rights so others can have new ones.

Step Two: undermining culture of rights in favor of a culture of government protection. This can be summed up as the difference between equality of opportunity versus equality of outcome. The latter is impossible to achieve.

Step Three: convincing the majority of the country that America was founded in evil and that evil is nonredeemable. This step essentially overrules the other two steps. If the founding was evil and everything else after was tainted in evil, then there is nothing left but complete destruction.

These three steps are met with counter arguments and historical information. The United States was not “founded on slavery” nor was it founded with a pristine morality. Like all people, the founders were flawed. They were deeply flawed on many issues.

Throughout, Shapiro highlights historical facts. In fact, the chapter on American History is a worthy read alone as a quick summary of the history of the United States.

But How To Destroy America In Three Easy Steps explains the bigger picture of American greatness. The U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence set the groundwork for growth and democracy for millions. The United States is still great and to wash away history would be a disaster for the world.

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