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Iowa’s Best – Verena Street Coffee Co.

Verena Street Coffee Company offers excellent craft coffee that makes you feel like your at your favorite local cafe. With beans roasted in Iowa, Verena Street gives you that hometown, Midwestern farming vibe.

I tried three varieties: Lock & Dam #11, Knotter Bourbon, and Farmhouse Breakfast.

Verena Street Coffee

Starting with my favorite, the Farmhouse Breakfast was a welcome start to my mornings. It reminded me of traveling country roads and was the perfect brew before heading to the horse farm for riding lessons.

Next was the Knotter Bourbon. This one had an amazing smell and was great for one or two cups. After that it became a bit overpowering.

The Lock & Dam #11 wasn’t bad but not too memorable. It served well as an all morning coffee.

Overall, Verena Street Coffee provides a wide range of flavors and prices sure to meet anyone’s needs. The fact that they are family owned and roasted in Iowa is a huge plus in my book.

Pair this coffee with some presidential biographies.