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Iron Bean Coffee Review

Iron Bean Coffee Co began in 2017 and is based out of Toledo, Ohio. Veteran owned by married couple Fred and Chanell Dedrick, IBCC is a friendly, family ran business with many cool coffee names and a unique logo. In addition to selling coffee they also sell some cool mugs such as the kettle, the widemouth, and newest addition named Nori Footers!

Iron Bean Coffee sample pack, mug, and sticker

Iron Bean Coffee Varieties Tasted  

Iron Bean Coffee Co offers many different flavors such as “Rage Against the Dying of the Light” and “Ride or Die” as well as a specialty coffee series which varies.

Ride of Die has a smooth chocolate taste considered to be a medium roast while Thor is a strong dark roast that ends in a sweet flavor.

If you’re not sure which flavor to try first you can get the Six Roast Sampler which includes an extra bag of coffee with their “Brew It Forward” sticker to further share the love of coffee!

Many of Iron Bean’s coffee flavors are available in whole bean, drip grind, espresso grind, and coarse grind.

Another cool option IBCC offers is their cast iron roast which is hand roasted  on an open flame. Described as capturing both a light and dark roast flavor. The description is spot on!

The required shipping fee is reasonable as well as having a 10% off coffee and merchandise code. IRONBEANNATION

Iron Bean Coffee Company mug

Marketing and Branding

Iron Bean Coffee Co has a great logo drawn and designed by the founders Fred and Chanell. The coffee packaging is a mix of mythology and mystique and closely matches the boldness of the coffee and the company’s owners.

The idea behind the logo: “Just like on our skull, that heart was meant to represent the humanity in all of us. No matter, how mad, frustrated, tired, or miserable you might be…we should always find a little something in ourselves to be good to one another.”

The website design is easy to use as well as navigate. It is not quite yet complete but as of now it functions well for purchasing coffee as well as merchandise.

Iron Bean Coffee Co: “Do not go gentle”