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Irving Farm Coffee Roasters (New York)

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters is based in New York with a rural roaster and several coffee shops in the Big Apple. Established in 1996, Irving Farm Coffee was voted best coffee of New York. They have a lot of varieties to choose from. I tried four.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters Of New York

The Gotham blend touted flavors of “toasted marshmallow, dark chocolate, and hickory”. This dark roast was an instant favorite and one of two that I’d get again.

Closely following Gotham was Natamaya/El Salvador. This one was a bit sweeter with “brown sugar, almond, and butterscotch”. I decided to give this one to my dad and along with my sister we all loved it.

The Columbia microlot I tried had blueberry, orange blossom, and walnut flavors. I could pick out the nutty/berry taste and it was smooth.

My least favorite, but still tasty was the Highline. This had lemon, hibiscus, and “wildflower” honey notes. This one worked well with breakfast but not as much as an all morning coffee.

There are still a few varieties that I’d love to try, especially 71 House and Hudson. Next time!

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