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Live Free or Die by Sean Hannity

Live Free Or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink is a quickly produced book by conservative talk show and television host, Sean Hannity. Like any political book, this book is bias towards Hannity’s conservative ideas. But it is well-sourced and timely, and provides a lot of insight into what the mainstream media tries to hide or outright distort.

Sean Hannity's Live Free or Die

Sean Hannity’s book is a fast read and full of facts. He does a good job of quickly laying out information about the founding of the country and then diving into the main point of the book: that Donald Trump has done more good than not as president and that he must be reelected.

The fact that his book is one-sided is really irrelevant. Of course it is. Hannity doesn’t claim otherwise. But he does source his information. And he covers each of the left’s attempts to disparage and remove Trump from office. All the time, Live Free or Die explains how the media will only show you what they want you to see.

The book reviews the Russian “hoax”, impeachment, and Covid-19. The left had only one goal: remove Trump because they fear he can not be defeated at the ballot box. Then the virus hit and Trump received the blame for that. Live Free or Die goes through the timeline of what the president did as the virus struck up to when the book was published.

It is unlikely that anyone on the left will read this or believe it. But Live Free or Die is a good book for those that are sick of the mainstream media and what to know what has been hidden from them for nearly four years.

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