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Manatee Coffee – Support Manatees With Great Coffee

Manatee Coffee is a great coffee with a great cause. “Drink coffee. Save manatees.”

Manatee coffee to support manatee conservation

I had never heard of Manatee Gourmet Coffee until I got some as a gift. I tried two flavors, the “Caribbean Delight” and “Manatee Blend”. The Caribbean was a bit too coconutty for my tastes, but still was good.

But, the Manatee Blend was delicious and I would definitely drink more. It is wonderful that more coffee companies are supporting important causes. Manatees are one of the most bizarre and cool ocean creatures. They are friendly and gentle and on a vacation in Florida I was able to swim with them.

swimming with manatees
manatee in Florida

Manatee Coffee has over 10 varieties to choose from plus a bunch of cool merchandise. Check them out today and help support manatee protection!

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