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Mighty Missouri Coffee Company Review

Mighty Missouri Coffee Company is a small batch, high quality roaster located in Bismarck, North Dakota. They offer several varieties including blends and single origin.

Mighty Missouri Coffee Company

I tried three varieties: Mighty Morning, Mighty Mo, and Outsidevibes ADVNTR. Mighty Mo was light and smooth with beans from Central America. ADVNTR is a blend that Mighty Missouri collaborated with Outsidevibes to bring a bit of adventure into your coffee. Of the three, this was my least favorite but still good.

My favorite by far was Mighty Morning. It is a lighter roast with a hard to describe flavor. It is bold yet not overbearing. What sold me the most on trying this was that they say it pairs well with “prairie sunrises…the front porch, [and] the back porch…” I fully agree.

Mighty Missouri Coffee Company offers free shipping on orders over $20, one of the lowest thresholds I’ve seen. My order also shipped exceptionally fast.

This coffee pairs well with Lewis and Clark’s journals or one of the many wonderful books about these American explorers.