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NetSuite ERP Business Software by Oracle

In 2017, as part of my job in marketing, I was tasked with implementing Oracle’s NetSuite Cloud ERP and SuiteCommerce Advanced eCommerce software for the manufacturing company I work for. With zero experience with this software, I dove in not sure what to expect.

Article: 12 Reasons to Use NetSuite by Oracle

After nearly 2 years of this journey, I wanted to share some of the knowledge I learned. As of 2024, I’ve been using NetSuite for 7 years. This is by no means a complete work of what I’ve implemented; it is a work in process that I will attempt to add more over time. But I felt like it would be useful to others seeking to learn more about this platform.

Coffee fuels my marketing and a quest to learn more about NetSuite has led me down an interesting path of cloud software, manufacturing operations, and more. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback and questions!

Using Saved Searches

NetSuite Basic Saved Searches covers the key components of a saved search. In this article I cover basic ideas with simple examples. For people with little experience with saved searches.

NetSuite Advanced Saved Searches covers advanced features of saved searches including using formulas and custom fields. By adding some of these features you can improve your data analysis.

NetSuite CASE WHEN Statements dive into the complexity of CASE WHEN statements. I show some coded examples to show how these work and teach you how to use them for your own business.

Create a Production Schedule With NetSuite shows how I solved a critical problem with our business. Using saved searches and custom fields, I saved my company thousands by creating a workable production schedule.

Dealing With Null in Formulas

Date Ranges in Saved Searches

How Do You Create a Custom KPI? deals with using a saved search to create a custom KPI that can be displayed on your Dashboard.

How to Create a Link in a NetSuite Saved Search

Book Review: NetSuite for Consultants (2nd Edition)


NetSuite Workflows – the Basics covers a simple example of creating cash sales on Amazon orders with a workflow. I cover conditions, states, transitions, and more to help you set up your first workflow.

Advanced Saved Searches

How to Check a String for Numbers in a Saved Search – a bizarre CASE WHEN statement to find numbers in email addresses to catch fraudulent customers.

How to Compare Two Fields In a Saved Search – using CASE WHEN to compare two fields in a summary saved search.

How to Create a Monthly Sales Report or Monthly Forecast With a NetSuite Saved Search – two advanced searches that use date-based arrays to calculate past sales or future inventory.

Advanced PDF/HTML Templates

NetSuite Advanced PDF/HTML Template Guide – a quick walk-through of how to customize your transaction PDF/HTML templates.