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NetSuite for Consultants (2nd Edition)

Peter Ries’s NetSuite for Consultants 2nd Edition is an updated and thorough walkthrough of how to implement NetSuite into practically any business model. While not precisely a step-by-step guide, the book covers all the main areas of a business and how NetSuite is used for each.

NetSuite for Consultants

This book already has a limited audience, and it is really geared only towards those with a solid grasp on NetSuite already. I have over five years of experience with NetSuite including a full website integration plus processes in sales, marketing, purchasing, and manufacturing. So many of the basic to advanced topics I was well-versed in.

However, I was still able to find a great deal of helpful information and the approach from a consultant’s point of view was insightful. My implementation project (with another one in the works) was completely internal and everything about NetSuite was learned on the fly. Having a copy of NetSuite for Consultants at that time would have been a boon.

This book covers so many topics that it can really benefit nearly any NetSuite user during the integration process and beyond. Even if you are using an outside source to perform your NetSuite implementation, it would be handy to have a copy of NetSuite for Consultants. If you are hoping to become a NetSuite consultant, this book is a blueprint to do that.

Note that NetSuite updates their cloud-based software twice a year. Thus, any printed materials can become out of date relatively fast. However, the core product, and what is covered in this book, will be useful no matter when you are getting started on NetSuite.