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New York Melody and Garden Jungle by Helene Druvert

The creative mind of Helene Druvert shines brightly in New York Melody and Garden Jungle. Both of these children’s books feature beautiful and whimsical illustrations and something even more spectacular. Throughout these books are intricately designed cut-outs of scenes that help move the story along. I’ve read a lot of books with cut outs in them, but never this detailed before.

New York Melody takes you on a musical journey through a New York night. You follow a little note as he journeys past numerous people making music with many different instruments. The piano scene is a favorite for its delicate keys as well as the drum set complete with cymbals.

In a city that never sleeps, the music keeps on playing till the end.

Garden Jungle is almost the opposite of New York Melody, but not in quality. Here we journey with a young boy, Tom who is “bored” before he realizes how many wonders are right outside his back door. As Tom chases butterflies, his cat transforms into a leopard and his yard into a jungle. The details of the cutouts are amazing and the bright colors inviting.

Anyone who loves the outdoors would wish to follow Tom into his Garden Jungle.

I discovered Helene Druvert’s books completely by accident and so glad I did. My soon to be seven year old adored them. I don’t know how many books of hers are available in English as these are translated from French.