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Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters Review

Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters is a micro-roastery and coffee lab located in Dallas, Texas. The coffee roasters started in 2011 and roast to order high quality beans from around the globe.

“In the coffee world, a ‘coyote’ is a middleman who purchases coffee from farmers. We try to purchase coffee from importers who not only compensate farmers fairly, but invest in those farmers in order to improve their lives.”

-Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters

I’ve been working from home so it is nice to try a lot of different types of coffee. I tried three varieties from three different regions of the world: Ethiopia, Mexico, and Columbia.

The Ethiopia Suke Quto was easily my favorite and unfortunately I only ordered the smaller size. This variety was buttery smooth and loaded with flavor. The profile states lime zest, dried fruit, and black tea with other notes of floral and honey. For me it worked out better for 1 or 2 cups to start the day but not as much as an all day coffee.

The variety is Rainforest Alliance and organic certified.

The Columbian variety featured flavors of baker’s chocolate and was rich and delightful for many cups. Interestingly enough, the coffee is no longer available on their website.

The Mexico variety is from Chiapas and has a nuttier taste, perhaps more bitter. This flavor goes really well with a meal or breakfast-type snack.

I added a mug with my order (to get free shipping) and love it! It is difficult to find thicker mugs that are still dishwasher safe. And the coyote logo looks a lot like my dog, who has the nickname of Coyote.

Overall, I enjoyed all three flavors from Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters. Their customer service was great, as they contacted me immediately after I ordered to verify the type of ground I needed (I actually wanted whole bean and had erroneously put ground).

My only point of concern is that their website is difficult to navigate (no search and hard to find your account info). But otherwise, their coffee is great.