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Paul A Biography by N.T. Wright

Paul A Biography by N.T. Wright covers the life of Saul from Tarsus, whom on the road to Damascus is blinded after seeing the one God, Jesus. Saul changes his name to Paul and begins what will become Christianity.

Paul A Biography by N.T. Wright

Paul was a Roman citizen and Jew, and preached the word of God from Jerusalem to Rome and many places in between. N.T. Wright does an excellent job intermixing Paul’s letters, of what would become scripture, with historical information. He admits when what he presents is theory and highlights how ancient history can be difficult to deduce with full accuracy.

What we learn from reading this biography is that Paul was a tireless individual who traveled thousands of miles. Time and time again he puts his life at risk in order to preach. He is nearly stoned to death and imprisoned several times. Wright explains in great detail how even though the various books of the Bible Paul wrote have different styles, they are all surely written by his hand. And of course, all his words are directly from God.

We don’t know how or when Paul died. It is believed he died in Rome as a prisoner. But it remains a possibility that Paul lived on and traveled further; that he had been released from prison after demanding he see the emperor.

It took me quite awhile to read Paul A Biography. The book is dense and full of thought-provoking insights into Paul’s life. Even if parts of Paul’s life remain a mystery, we are blessed with 80 some pages of Paul’s letters as scripture. These have been studied ever since and are worth spending time to enjoy.

N.T. Wright was born in Northumberland, The United Kingdom, and is one of the world’s leading Biblical scholars. He has written many scholarly books on Christianity.