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Press Coffee Roasters, Arizona

Press Coffee Roasters of Arizona is a premium coffee roaster with a wide selection of blends and single origin coffees. I tried three varieties: Four Corners, Columbia, and Peru.

Press Coffee Roasters Arizona

My favorite was Colombia – Ramiro Suarez. This single origin variety has a flavor profile of grape soda, dark chocolate, and cinnamon sugar. While the grape soda seems a bit odd, the mix really hit it off for me.

My second favorite was the Four Corners blend. It was the smoothest and made for a great all day coffee. The flavor was milk chocolate.

Lastly, but still a great coffee was the single origin Peru – Cinco Corazones Gesha. With listed flavors of orange marmalade, creme brulee, and tangerine, it was definitely a bit of a different taste. I liked this one more for a cup or two, not all morning drinking.

Press Coffee Roasters of Arizona has many other varieties to choose from. These include several more single origins from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Sumatra as well as more options from Columbia. Some of these are limited supply, so your bound to find new, amazing coffees!