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Specialty Coffee Roasters From All 50 States

50 States, 50 Coffee Roasters to Try!

One specialty coffee roaster from each state. Reposted with permission from Callaway Coffee.


Higher Ground is 100% organic, fair trade, and shade grown coffee. They strive to make high-quality coffee by building strong relationships with the farms that grow their coffee. Located in Vestavia, Alabama. [Review here]


Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. has the slogan “Celebrating coffee, the win of the tropics”. Their Ethiopian Yirgacheffee received the exceptionally high score of 94 points by coffee reviewer Kenneth Davids. They have two cafes in Fairbanks, Alaska.


Press Coffee Roasters has several cafes in the Phoenix area. This award-winning roaster roasts in small batches to ensure high quality from “seed to cup”.


Arsaga’s Coffee Roasters is a small family-owned and operated coffee roaster in the Ozarks of Arkansas. They feature several single origin coffee as well as unique blends. Started in 1992.


Temple Coffee Roasters has several 90+ point coffees. The focus on “Farm to Cup” sourcing along with a solid roast philosophy means Temple delivers some top-notch coffee. They even have a Director of Coffee. [Review here]


Corvus Coffee Roasters works directly with dozens of farmers to find great coffee that is roasted in small batches. Established in 2010 in Denver. [Review here]


Daybreak Coffee Roasters, established in 1989, roasts the finest Arabica coffees with a “unique craft coffee roasting” process. Choose from several single origin, organic varieties.


Brandywine Coffee Roasters is located in the beautiful Brandywine Valley in Wilmington. They carefully source their coffee and offer a wide variety of single-origin coffee and blends.


Bones Coffee Company is a quirky, fun brand that is always introducing new flavors. These flavors are more than clever-sounding names. They taste great too. They also have an extra-caffeinated variety: High Voltage. Definitely worth a try! [Review here]




Big Island Coffee Roasters is 100% Hawaiian coffee with varieties from several of the islands. These are some of the best coffees and the only ones you’ll find with beans from the USA!


DOMA Coffee Roasting Company out of Post Falls, Idaho features several varieties of coffee including a Whiskey Barrel Aged coffee. They also have a coffee lab which is “part coffee bar, part coffee and tea accessories mecca” where they sell coffee-making materials and host hands-on learning. Established in 2000


Dark Matter Coffee is a Chicago must have! Whimsical and delicious flavors blend music and pop cultural. Limited supplies for some varieties so sign up for the subscription service.


Dagger Mountain roasts coffee out of a “renovated storage garage” in Valparaiso. They strive to source the best coffee from all over the globe. Try the Kenya – Gondo!


Verena Street is based in Dubuque, Iowa and features craft roasted, small batch coffee. Their coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified and comes in a variety of blends. Local favorite is Lock & Dam 11™. [Review]


PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. was established in 1993 in Topeka. They feature Blue Label coffee, high end varieties that are specially sourced. Not interested in these pricey options? There are several high-quality, lower-priced options available.


Kentucky Knows roasts bourbon barrel coffee that soaks up the flavor from Buffalo Trace Distiller barrels. They offer several flavors. Try them all!


Congregation Coffee is a fine roaster based in New Orleans. Located in historic Algiers Point, Congregation breathes New Orleans with great coffee!


Coffee By Design was established in 1994 in Portland, Maine. Since then, it has grown to multiple locations and produces some of Maine’s finest coffee including blends and single origin varities.


Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company has a great selection of coffee including a Bird Friendly variety with beans from Guatemala. [review here]


Armeno Coffee Roasters provides hand-crafted specialty coffee out of Northborough since 1994. They provide varieties from all over the globe.


Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company focuses on the farmers that provide their beans. Their coffee contains no unicorns or mermaids, only great coffee that you drink black.


Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Company has several cafes in the Twin Cities area. They have several varieties from Central and South America.


High Point Roasters is located in New Albany, Mississippi. They offer a variety of blends and single origin coffee as well as chocolate covered coffee beans!


Mississippi Mud Coffee out of St. Louis offers all organic coffee. Unfortunately, they do not sell online but are widely available in the St. Louis area.


Big Creek Coffee Roasters offers several 90+ point coffees, including Ethiopia Gedeb, Hal Beriti, ranked at 94. What that really means is great coffee!


The Coffee Roaster uses an air roasting process that helps prevent that sometimes burnt taste of other coffees. They proudly serve “carbon-negative” coffee by planting trees that remove carbon from the air. Established in 1995 in Lincoln.


Magpie Coffee Roasters out of Reno is a small-batch roaster. Their selection is small, but the coffee quality is sublime!

New Hampshire

Flight Coffee Co is dedicated to the farmers and producers of their fine coffee. All orders are roasted to order.

New Jersey

Lacas Coffee Co. is based out of Pennsauken and is “one of the nation’s longest running independent coffee roasters”. Since 1921, they have been roasting high-quality coffee including several Fair Trade organic varieties.

New Mexico

New Mexico Pinon Coffee is a definite favorite. Their Traditional Pinon coffee provides an amazing aroma and taste. They also roast many fantastic varieties and have lots of other cool stuff available. [Review here]

New York

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters was established in 1996 and focuses on building strong relations with the farms they source from. They rotate rich, robust single origin coffees from all over the globe.

North Carolina

Summit Coffee Co was established in 1998 and focuses on small lot, Certified Organic coffee. Their coffee options are mountain themed with coffee from all over the world.

North Dakota

Mighty Missouri Coffee Co. is located in Bismarck and offers high quality, single origin coffee in limited supply. [Review here]


Viking Coffee Company may be small, but they are growing and going to be huge. Small batch coffee with that modern frontiersman feel. [Review here]

Iron Bean Coffee review


Elemental Coffee out of Oklahoma City is community-driven to deliver the best coffee in every small batch. They offer several micro lots and a subscription service as well. Check out their tutorials on various brew methods if you are looking to try a new way!


Stumptown Coffee Roasters has headquarters in Portlandia but serves coffee in several big cities across the country. You can also find their great coffee in stores or order online. They feature well-sourced coffee from Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa. Check out their extensive selection of home-brewing gear as well.


Square One Coffee is micro roaster headquartered in Lancaster. Their award-winning coffee includes single origin and blends mostly from Central and South America and Africa.

Rhode Island

Dave’s Coffee has two cafes in Rhode Island and also ships across the country. Their varieties have fun names like Black Crow and Blind Pig and source beans from Peru and Africa among other places.

South Carolina

Charleston Coffee Roasters out of, you guessed it, Charleston, strives to use only the highest quality beans and then slow roast the beans to bring out the best flavors. Several organic varieties to choose from.

South Dakota

Essence Coffee Roasters provides small batch coffee from South America and Africa. Their crafted coffee is roasted in Iroquois, South Dakota by a dedicated duo.


Honest Coffee Roasters is located inside the Historic Factory at Franklin in Franklin, Tennessee. They have a limited selection, but produce excellent coffee.


Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters out of Dallas is a micro-roastery and coffee lab that sells only high-quality, whole bean coffee. [Review here]


Black Rifle Coffee Company has exploded in growth in a short period of time. As a veteran-owned company, their focus is on military and American-themed coffee varieties that pack great flavor. [Review here]


Vermont Coffee Company provides organic, non GMO coffee that is roasted with 100% renewable energy. They produce high-quality, straightforward coffee options: dark, medium, light and mild. You can also find a bit more adventure in flavors Uno, Dos, Tres, and Quatro.


Red Rooster Coffee Co roasts high quality beans from around the world. Try the high-scoring Ethiopia Kayon Mountain or several other great tasting coffees. Red Rooster does an excellent job of farmer to cup relationships, all of which is visible on their website.


Victrola Coffee Roasters started out as a small cafe and quickly grew into roasting their own coffee. They have several single origin varieties available as well as a subscription service. They have grown to four cafes in the well-known hotbed for coffee shops, Seattle.

West Virginia

Mountaineer Roasting Co has a limited amount of varieties but focus on high-quality, freshly roasted beans. Their 1867 house blend is delicious!


Colectivo has a ton of great coffees but a personal favorite is their signature blend, Blue Heeler. [Review here]


Bison Union is much more than coffee! They are an amazing brand that focuses on apparel and goods for hardworking people, especially ranchers and farmers. They are a throwback to another era in the best way possible. Their coffee is not for the weak so if you love strong coffee, this is the place to go! [Review here]