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Temple Coffee Roasters Review

Temple Coffee Roasters is based in California and has a wide range of varieties from across the globe. You can choose from many single origins as well as fantastic blends.

Temple Coffee Roasters - California coffee

I tried two varieties, one from Kenya and one from Costa Rica. Both were excellent.

The Costa Rica Vasa Blanca Tarrazu had a great caramel-honey vibe. It had a wonderfully smooth taste for all morning drinking. Temple Coffee Roasters lists where the coffee comes from, down to the farm. This one from Ernesto Jose Valverde Solis, Vara Blanca.

The Kenyan variety I tried is from the farm Kibugu Farmer’s Cooperative Society, Gicherori Coffee Factory and was my favorite of the two I tried. The flavors were grapefruit, pluot, and lemongrass. A pluot is a hybrid plum-apricot and has an interesting flavor. I found the grapefruit hint to really make this coffee shine.

Temple Coffee Roasters offers free shipping for orders over $25 and ships extremely fast. I ordered items from nearby in Illinois on the same day as from Temple. The order from California arrived a day before the local order.