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Thank You For My Service by Mat Best – Review

Cover of Thank You For My Service by Mat Best

Thank You For My Service by Mat Best is a comical, heartwarming insight into the life of an Army Ranger. Mat’s best book to date, this memoir is hilarious and timely. As America continues to fall into the Great Awokening trap, Best radiates patriotism and love of country. His lifestyle, embellished and exaggerated, is all about guns, girls, and the red white and blue.

Mat is an expert marketer and entrepreneur. While some of his YouTube videos may be a bit stereotypical and make leftists eyes roll deep into their brains, deep down Mat is a true patriot. He wants the country to be great. And he wants people to know that Army Veterans are more than the media wants to portray.

Much of media about Veterans centers around PTSD and growing rates of suicide. These are both serious issues and Best does not dismiss these at all. But instead of dwelling on this, Best sought out to make a world more accepting for Veterans needing to return to civil life.

Thank You For My Service recounts Mat’s deep desire and extreme effort to join the armed forces and become an Army Ranger. He uses a lot of humor to counter the real life and death situations he faced. War is messy and dangerous but Mat found ways to lighten the heavy load, especially helping less experienced soldiers.

The book is filled with interesting, often hilarious stories and definitely made me laugh audibly. More importantly, this book tells the American story. Best didn’t wake up one day and magically become an Army Ranger or a successful businessman. He earned it. Through extreme hard work and perseverance, Best completed 5 deployments plus numerous contract work.

During part of this time he started making videos that gained popularity. He then founded three successful businesses, including Black Rifle Coffee Company. He continues to stay “mission-focused” and this book is a fun, entertaining, and inspiring read.

A quick note about the title. Thank You For My Service, if misinterpreted makes it sound like pompousness. It is actually the opposite. Mat Best is thanking the country for the honor of serving.

This book should be read with a nice steaming mug of Black Rifle Coffee.