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Viking Coffee Co

Viking Coffee Co is a specialty coffee roaster located in northwestern Ohio. Not only does Viking Coffee make some “damn good coffee”, but their owner is the definition of a hard-working American.

Viking Coffee varieties next to Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov
3 delicious Viking Coffee varieties to brew while tackling The Brothers Karamazov

I’ve tried four varieties of Viking Coffee and enjoyed all of them. These include Tri-Blend Dark Roast, Single Origin Costa Rican, Single Origin Ethiopian, and Dark Roast Blend. All of these coffees use high quality beans, roasted to near perfection.

My favorite, while hard to choose, was the Costa Rican single origin. This coffee was so smooth and fresh that I brewed through it faster than I wanted! The Ethiopian was a close second with more citrus/berry flavors.

Viking Coffee, like most coffee, is best purchased as whole bean. This allows you to grind right before brewing, unlocking more flavors and providing the freshest brew.

Viking offers a lot of varieties that are ever changing. Some of these batches sell out quickly! Order quickly or sign up for the coffee club to ensure you never run out of great coffee! You can also order gift packs to sample more varieties. And don’t forget the merch!

I was happy with Viking’s quick turnaround, especially for a smaller company that roasts to order. Also, owner Evan is a great guy and includes a hand-written note in each order. He can be found at many farmer’s markets in his neck of the woods of Ohio. Follow Evan on Instagram to be entertained and stay up on where he’ll be next.