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Welcome to Feral: Little Town, Big Secrets

Mark Fearing’s Welcome to Feral: Little Town, Big Secrets is a graphic novel full of beautiful artwork and great writing. The book consists of five haunting stories told by the investigative narrator, Freya. Freya is trying to unearth the weird things that keep happening to kids in the town of Feral.

Feral, with a population of 16,000 was established in 1854 and is full of mystery and monsters. There’s a derelict playground, a bottomless pit, a wicked hill, the Forgotten Forest, and a map full of interesting places yet to be discussed in what we hope will become a lengthy series. There are so many places to explore, I can see this being many volumes long.

Fearing does an excellent job of making spooky stories that are suitable for nearly any age. There are some monstrous beings that eat children, but even this story wasn’t gory. The final story has a nice twist, a callback to the first story, and quite a bit of humor as a scout troop turns the tables on their monstrous leader.

Mark Fearing has some other published work, but we hope he has many more “Frights From Feral” in the works. Our entire family loved this as I read the book out loud (multiple times).