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Western Culture Without the Culture Wars – Review of Young Heretics With Spencer Klavan

Spencer Klavan’s Young Heretics Podcast is a perfect listen for anyone who wants to learn about western culture. Klavan covers literature and to a lesser degree, music, in a smooth, straightforward way. His knowledge is extensive, yet he teaches up instead of talking down. He holds a doctorate but doesn’t boast about it.

Who Is Spencer Klavan?

Dr. Spencer Klavan is the son of renowned author, Andrew Klavan. Spencer is the Associate Editor for the Claremont Review of Books where he also reviews books. Klavan also heads The Close Read podcast where he talks with conservative authors about conservative ideas. He is also Associate Editor of The American Mind, another publication from The Claremont Institute.

Spencer also has a website called Rejoice Evermore where he hosts many Biblical sermons and articles about faith and culture. But most outstanding, this is where Klavan is publishing his translation of the Book of Isaiah. The “Isaiah Project”. In this undertaking, Spencer is translating Isaiah from Hebrew, but also including his own commentary. It is a living translation, as Klavan is seeking feedback throughout the translation (which is nearing completion). I highly recommend reading through this any all his articles.

Young Heretics With Spencer Klavan

Western literature is under attack by universities that should be teaching the classics. This attack is fully backed by mainstream media and popular culture. Young Heretics “explores the concepts of truth, beauty, and everything that makes Western culture great”. But what makes the podcast exceptional is that Klavan wants to dismiss the culture wars.

Young Heretics With Spencer Klavan

Instead of wasting so much energy defending Western Culture, Spencer wants to spend his time enjoying and sharing what makes Western Culture the best out there.

The podcast already has over a dozen episodes with no appearance of slowing down. I recommend starting at Episode 1 and then feel free to jump around a bit. My favorite so far has been about C. S. Lewis. In that episode, Klavan declares Lewis is “the greatest intellectual of the 20th century”.

But all the episodes are great. Klavan is even delving into music, as in Episode 13 where he features composer Stephen Limbaugh.

If you want to learn more about Western Culture, Young Heretics With Spencer Klavan is a great listen. Klavan is incredibly talented and intelligent and he is only beginning to make his mark. Look for many great things from this young, well-read man.

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