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With All Due Respect by Nikki Haley – Review

With All Due Respect is a memoir by native South Carolina and Indian American Nikki R. Haley. The memoir focuses on Haley’s tenure as South Carolina’s governor and her amazing job as United States ambassador for the United Nations.

With All Due Respect by Nikki R Haley

Haley grew up in rural South Carolina and she faced a great deal of discrimination. Her parents immigrated from India and Haley lists several instances of racism she faced. Throughout the memoir, Haley mentions her Indian American heritage. But she also does a good job clarifying that never used “being a victim” as a crutch. She was forced to face it and it made her resilient when faced with more difficult situations later on in her life.

As Governor, Nikki Haley went through a lot of turmoil and she goes into great detail of how she struggled yet persevered throughout. Most notably was the terrible domestic terrorist attack on the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Largely she handled this by being her real self and not a politician.

US Ambassador to the UN

With All Due Respect then transitions with the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States. Haley at first did not support Trump but when he became the nominee, she backed the party. Before too long, Haley receives an unexpected offer by Trump: US ambassador to the UN.

The majority of the book is about Haley’s tenure as ambassador. She explains her trips to some of the most dangerous places in the world including Venezuela, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo. These places suffer from dictators, civil wars, and famine due to corrupt politicians and governments.

Haley unloads, and rightfully so, on how corrupt the UN is. She was on the front lines of the awful job the UN does on dealing with human rights issues and worldwide security issues. The US provides the majority of the funding for the UN and is constantly ridiculed and voted against. How anyone could get anything done is such a bias, disgusting place is amazing. And Nikki Haley gets a lot done!

With All Due Respect is an eye opening, quick read. If you can’t come away from seeing Haley as a wonderful person that gets stuff done, you are clearly reading through a clouded lens of political bias.

Whether or not Haley will seek further political office only time can tell. She has accomplished so much already. But it would come as no real surprise to see her running for President in 2024.

“We win together, we lose together, and we don’t lose.”

With All Due Respect goes well with a delicious cup of Viking Coffee.